Forty Things Before Forty

My friend Miranda Bouck came up with a wonderful idea: creating a list of thirty things to do before she turned thirty, publishing it on her 29th birthday. Is it inspiration if you just outright steal someone’s idea? 🙂 So here are forty things I want to do before I hit forty, in a year’s […]

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There’s a lot of songs and albums that, for some reason, are tied to seasons and weather in my head. Probably mostly based on what time of year the album came out, and if I wore it out. The slow tunes from Ben Folds Five’s Whatever And Ever Amen will alway remind me of cold, […]

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Top Albums 2014

Didn’t get to spend as much time with albums this year. Been more of a singles years. That said, two albums were released this year that are tremendous efforts. One, a long-awaited album from a singer / songwriter. The other, a coupling of veteran rappers in a follow-up to a decent album. Damien Rice – […]

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Every October, I celebrate 3 big anniversaries. 2014 marks: 22 years from when I walked into Mr. Miracle’s Graphic Arts class, at Fulton High School, thus choosing graphic design as a career. 10 years since I purchased my home. I didn’t move in ’til the beginning of December of that year, but I bought it […]

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